Surrounded by hills and being in a valley, one can usually find cool and pleasant seasons here all year round. One does not find the climate to vary too much with the short spurts of rain cooling the temperatures everytime heat raises up. Its only due to the great weather conditions in Dehradun here that a large number of tourists visit this place every year.

Find below the latest weather forecast before planning for a tour to the various places in Dehradun. One has to be confirmed for the current climatic situations here for all your travel needs so that you won’t come across the frustation of cancelling your visit in the last minute.

Climate this week

This week the climate will remain cool with plenty of sunshine and cooler winds blowing.

Dehradun will experience cosy weather transistion to Spring season. The weather is great to travel around.

Average Temperature

30°C | °F

Winds Speed

5 km/h


79 percent

Temperatures this week

The weather will remain cooler and somewhat constant due to the sunny days and cool winds blowing down the hills.


31°C | 26°C


30°C | 26°C


31°C | 26°C


32°C | 26°C


32°C | 25°C


28°C | 24°C


31°C | 26°C