Place to visit

The capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, is well surrounded with beautiful Himalayan ranges all around. The famous excursions in the valley are its springs, parks, mountains and temples. Apart from its city excursions Dehradun is also has some of the famous tourist places like Mussoorie and Sahastradhara. Here we will read more about these places to see in Dehradun in good detail.

List of Famous Tourist Spots

Among the amazing natural greens and surroundings the city has some of the most popular travel spots that are thronged by tourists not only in India but also abroad. There are green valleys, hill tops, ancient temples and rivers just to name a few for all the fun and excitement as you travel around the place.


Mussoorie is about 35 kms. from Dehradun city. It is known as one of the famous hill stations in India people come to visit. Mussorie is located over Himalaya hills and an amazing beautiful place. This city has lots of luxury tourist accommodations and resorts. It also has various exciting tourist places.


Sahastradhara is a spring located approximately 16 kms. away from the city. It is said that Sahastradhara means thousand of springs that comes together. The place is a must watch if you are planning a trip to Dehradun. It has the water of Sulphur spring which is a cure for skin diseases.

Forest Research Institute

Established in 1906 FRI is one of the oldest institutions that was developed for the research work in forestry not only in India but all around the world. You could see the architectural beauty of the place that often takes ones mind away.

Malsi Deer Park

Located at the foothills of Shivalik range Malsi Deer Park is a beautiful tourist place and animal zoo in Dehradun. Its a great picnic spot which is especially liked by children due to the wild animals and exciting swings in the park. One can also enjoy the snacks and food in the restaurants available in the park that further adds to your picnic experience all right here.

Robber’s Cave

An exotic picnic spot with a natural cave and a stream of river flowing inside it that has cold water. You can enjoy your bath there at the very end of the caves where there is also a small water fall to cool up your body. One can also enjoy the snacks and maggi inside the cave with water flowing under you!

Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple

The spot has a famous ancient Shiv temple that is visited by thousands of devotees all year round. The lush green surrounding within dense forests and the rivertuary flowing by makes it one of the best place to visit for a complete peace of mind and meditation.


Lachhiwala is a famous picnic spot with a fresh river water pool to have bath and a park with all sorts of swings here. There are swings for the children as well as the elderly to make the day even more exciting. It is a great place of leisure to be enjoyed especially by children.

Buddha Temple

The Buddha temple situated in Clement town area is famous for its beautiful design and interiors which depicts the ancient architecture of Tibet. It also has a very beautiful garden where one can sit in peace and meditate. One really gets astounded by the amazing architecture build by the experts of the Tibet.

Laxman Sidh Temple

The Laxman sidh is a beautiful holy place situated few kms from Dehradun and is located among dense green forests. It is a great place to have an outing with family members where you could also have prasad in the frequent bhandaras that keeps happening here.

Shiv Mandir

Situated along the way to Mussoorie is the famous Shiv temple that is visited by a number of tourists all round the year. The enchanting location and the beautiful surroundings of the green hills surely make it a heavenly place of worship. One could also enjoy the view of the valley by looking down at the city and the night surely seems to be like shining stars form here.

Apart from the mentioned above one can also enjoy the famous temples and places around Dehradun to make your trip even more exciting.

Famous Temples

There are a number of ancient temples all around the valley hence the city is also considered to be one of the top holy places that is visited by many devotees all year round. The temples such as Tapkeshwar, Laxman Sidh and Sai Baba are truly remarkable and are must watch.

Places to Visit Around

It is not only the city is beautiful but if you have visited the major tourist spots here then move out for the amazing points around Dehradun. There are places like Nainital hill station, Haridwar and Rishikesh holy spots, Chakrata hill top and few others that could make your journey really a remember able one for lifetime!