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Dehradun is one of the topmost tourist destinations in Uttarakhand surrounded by the beautiful Himalayan ranges in the north and enchanting Shivaliks in the South. Being among very popular places to visit, one often enquires about How to reach Dehradun and what are the quickest means to get to Dehradun city. The distance from Delhi to Dehradun is approx 256 kms by road and usually takes 5 -6 hrs to reach Dehradun from Delhi.

One can reach Dehradun either by plane, train, bus or car/taxi as follows:

How to reach Dehradun by Air

Situated around 25 kms from the Dehradun city is the Jolly Grant Airport where one can catch the flights to and fro Delhi. The most convenient way to reach there currently is taxi/cab however you could also catch a bus from ISBT and get down in the mid Jolly Grant.

There are currently 3 flights daily between Dehradun and Delhi. The three flights include the Kingfisher (, Indian Airlines ( and the Jet Airways (

How to reach Dehradun by Train

The most convenient way considered to get to Dehradun is by train. You can feel relaxed and cosy in the various high speed express trains that can get you to Dehradun in around 6 to 7 hrs. The Dehradun Railway Station is situated just a km or 2 from the city centre.

There are various train schedules connecting Dehradun to Delhi, Mumbai, Allahabad, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Kolkata, Ujjain, Chennai, Amritsar and Indore.


Train Number Train Name Departure Station Departure Time Destination Arrival Time
14041 Mussoorie Express New Delhi 21:30 Dehradun 8:00
12055 Jan Shatabdi Express New Delhi 15:25 Dehradun 21:10
12017 Shatabdi Express New Delhi 6:50 Dehradun 12:40
12205 Nizamuddin Dehradun AC Express Nizamuddin Delhi 23:55 Dehradun 5:40
14309 Ujjaini Express Nizamuddin Delhi 11:30 Dehradun 19:00
13009 Doon Express Howrah (Kolkata), Varanasi, Lucknow 20:35 Dehradun 7:10
12327 Upasana Express Howrah (Kolkata), Lucknow 13:10 Dehradun 18:00
14163 Sangam Express Allahabad 17:45 Dehradun 13:10
12687 Chennai Dehradun Express Chennai, Nizamuddin (Delhi) 9:45 Dehradun 5:00
14632 Amritsar Dehradun Express Amritsar 22:15 Dehradun 10:05
19019 Bandra Dehradun Express Bandra Terminus (Mumbai), Nizamuddin (Delhi) 23:35 Dehradun 17:35

How to reach Dehradun by Road

One can get to Dehradun by road either by State buses or by primate car / taxi. This is usually convenient if you want to enjoy the journey by stopping at various places along your way to Dehradun.

How to reach Dehradun by Bus

One can also get to Dehradun through the Volvo, Deluxe, Semi-Deluxe or ordinary Uttarakhand State buses that depart every hour or so from the ISBT Kashmere Gate Bus Stand, New Delhi. There are also some special service semi-deluxe buses for Rajpur road, Sahastradhara road, Raipur road, MDDA and others which you can catch from ISBT Kashmere Gate, New Delhi for your more convenience. These buses usually take 7-8 hrs at night but may be more during the day because of the huge traffic in the highway. These buses take you to the ISBT Bus Stand Dehradun or some may also come further to Prince Chowk near railway station. From ISBT Dehradun it is further 5 to 6 kms and you may take an auto, vikrams or buses to reach city centre.

How to reach Dehradun by Car or Taxi

One can also drive your way from Delhi to Dehradun by your private car or by hiring a taxi. It usually takes around 6 hrs from Delhi by car if you start at early hrs of the day or at night otherwise it may take 8-9 hrs or more in the day time due to huge traffic on the highway.

The Chhutmalpur to Dehradun highway is NH 72A via Roorkee, which takes to direct to the ISBT Dehradun. From here you can take in any of the private taxis or autos to get to the city centre or your final destination.