Robber’s Cave Dehradun, Guchhupani

Located around 9 kms from Dehradun clock tower is the famous picnic spot named Guchhupani also known as Robber’s cave (also Rovers Cave). It is situated in Vijaypur near Anarwala village where you could find this huge and really astonishing cave or gufa. The cave is nature built with beautiful designed interiors that is really mouth opening! It is believed that the robbers users to hide in it from BritisherÂ’s and hence the name.


Robbers Cave Dehradun

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Rovers Cave

Guchhupani Dehradun



There is a small waterfall deep inside the cave and also a small place between the rocks to have a bath. The cold stream of water is flowing inside the cave travelling through which one reached the small waterfall inside the Robber’s cave. Small food shops are there where you could enjoy snacks and hot maggi in the cave with your feet submerged in the cold water stream and which really makes the environment very exciting in the Guchhupani!



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