Top 10 Things to Do

Once you have reached the exotic and beautiful place of Dehradun, you might wonder whats next to do? The city of Dehradun is a heritage place with amazing places to visit, markets to shop your favourite items, latest movies to watch and amazing places to enjoy the tasty food you would not forget your life time. Also you could enjoy the nightlife parties in clubs, the various honeymoon spots if you are a newlywed or otherwise too.

Being an old heritage city it surely has many famous temples that have amazing beauty. If you are looking out for a hill station then what could be better than Mussoorie with exciting climate and natural surroundings. There are also places where your family and children would love to go for a picnic and one such place is Sahastradhara. And that is not all, one can also find various exotic places few kilometres distance from the Dehradun city where you could enjoy and have fun time.

Top 10 Things to Do List

Although there are lots and lots of mind throbbing things you could do while you stay in the city but we have selected the few top 10 ones which would make your days really more fun filled and enjoyable along with your friends and family. So what are you waiting for just get set and go for the flowing and do not miss the excitement you could get here.

  1. Places to Visit

    The city of Dehradun has been for long one of the most visited places by the tourists both within India and abroad mainly due to the reason for its beautiful locations and green surroundings. There are amazing picnic spots with rivers flowing like Sahastradhara, parks with loads of wild animals to watch such as the Malsi Deer Park, a number of heritage temples like Tapkeshwar mandir which has great holy sacredness. Further enjoy the hill station of Mussoorie to refresh yourself with cool and exciting weather. Come up here and there variety of things waiting for you to do here!

  2. Shopping

    Coming to the city of Dehradun and not having a shopping experience will be an uncompleted travelling experience for here you could enjoy the items of embroidery and handicraft items you would not have seen anywhere else. There are various popular markings where you could shop for all big and small things all at very reasonable prices. Do not miss to visit the Paltan bazaar, Tibetan market and shops at Rajpur and Chakrata roads that you would surely enjoy.

  3. Movies

    Watching your favourite movies in the amazing weather of Dehradun is a life time experience. Either you might want to take your loved one for a movie to make up her mood or enjoy with your friends for the first day first show experience its all right here! You could also enhance your movie experience by watching the latest movies in multiplexes that have started up in the city. Also do not forget to watch the movies in 3D and in 5D for a mind blowing experience!

  4. Restaurants

    One can find the various famous places to eat at every nook and corner of the city of Dehradun. Some of the restaurants are very old and famous for their delicacies. You might find the north and south Indian dishes in a number of restaurants that serve the food with their own style and taste. The majority of the eating places you could find along the Rajpur road and you could take your family or partner along with you to enjoy the tasty food.

  5. Nightlife

    People of the city love to dance and party and hence you could find a number of discotheques, clubs and party lounges in and around. One could really enjoy the nightlife in these various party spots and anyone especially the youngsters can refresh oneself at night here. The young and couples can really enjoy the discotheques and party together all night long and also celebrate their birthdays here.

  6. Honeymoon

    The young couples and partners can enjoy their honeymoon in the various exotic locations in the valley. There are a number of romantic places which could make your love even more intense with the beautiful and green surroundings all over. The various travel spots like Kempty Falls, Mussoorie and Dhanaulti hill stations, Sahastradhara waterfalls are amazing places to enjoy your honeymoon with your loved ones.

  7. Famous Temples

    The city of Dehradun is very popular for its holy and heritage temples that are spread in numbers in the various locations. There are various famous temples that one could visit during your stay here and to name a few are the temples of Buddha, Sai Baba, Tapkeshwar Shiva temple to name a few. The amazing spots where these mandirs and temples are located even refresh the divine holy atmosphere around.

  8. Mussoorie

    If you have come to this beautiful city then one of the must see places is the hill station of Mussoorie also called the Queen of Hills. This cool place is situated around 35 kms from the city and the zig zag roads will take you directly to this hill top. Favourite things to do there are watching the Mall Road, the Gun Hill, the Library and the Kempty Falls few kilometres from the hill station.

  9. Sahastradhara

    If you love water places then what could be better than visiting the awesome place of Sahastradhara. There are amazing waterfalls to watch, sulphur water resources with medicated values, water parks for children and trolleys to take you right to the top of the peak. If you feel hungry then what could be better then enjoying your food in some of the popular restaurants in the exotic place.

  10. Places to Visit Around

    If one has enjoyed the all of the places in the valley then do not worry as you could enjoy a number of amazing places situated around and near Dehradun. These spots include the famous hill station of Nainital and Chakrata with awesome weather and climate. The holy and internationally famous sacred places of Haridwar and Rishikesh are also quiet near from Dehradun. One can also watch the Tehri Dam and the Dhanaulti for an amazing holidaying experience all along with friends and family.

There are many more things one can enjoy here leaving aside what is mentioned above. There are places for adventure sports like skiing, paragliding and white water rafting in and around Dehradun to make your trip to the place really exiting and worth remembering! So wait no further and just pack your bags up and let the adventure begin!!