Buddha Temple

One of the famous temples in the city is the Buddha temple at Clement town area just few kilometres from the ISBT Dehradun. Also called the Mindrolling Monastery, its history started in late 1965 when it was built up as a replica of the original temple monastery in Tibet.

Mindrolling Monastery

It was built as one of the four Tibetan religion schools and was named “Nyingma”. The other three schools are called Sakya, Kagyu and Geluk and also have great importance in the Tibetan religion. It is believed that the temple had been designed and painted by around 50 artists who took three years to create such estonishing structure of golden paint.

Buddha Temple Dehradun

Buddha Temple Photos

One can see the interior design and decorations of the Buddha temple on Sundays when it is open for public viewing. But the garden and the shops are open 7 days a week so that one can enjoy with friends or family here and take the photos of this popular temple. If you plannng for a visit to Dehradun then this is a must watch place!

Buddha Temple Photos

History of Buddha Temple

Mind rolling Monastery Dehradun