The travel to Dehradun is not complete without visiting Sahastradhara, the exotic picnic spot in Dehradun. The name literally means ‘the thousandfold spring’ that flow down the beautiful green hills in the valley. The Baldi river and its springs attracts thousands of visitors not only from India but around the world. Also do not forget to take your camera to take beautiful photos of the river lake to keep it as a rememberance for lifetime!

Location of Sahastradhara Dehradun

Sahastradhara Dehradun


The place is situated about 11 kms from the main Dehradun city and around 6 kms from the Rajpur road via the mussoorie by pass road. A number of transport means are available to get to Sahastradhara such as local buses, taxi, auto or cabs.
Sahastradhara Photos
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Best time to Visit

Sahastradhara Water Lake Dehradun
The best time and season to visit Sahastradhara is May to August when the river flow is good enough and the lakes are all full.

Sahastradhara Waterfalls

Sahastradhara Waterfall Photos
Waterfalls Dehradun
You can enjoy the beautifull waterfalls in Sahastradhara along with your friends and family. The water falls from about 10 metres above and just gush down the slope. Its truly an exciting feeling and freshness standing below the falls. One also can feel the healing affects of the falls as the pressure (acupressure) cures the body joint pains.

Sulphur Water Spring

Sulphur Water Sahastradhara Dehradun
Sulphur Water Spring Photos Dehradun


One of the truly amazing spot to visit in Sahastradhara is the natural Sulphur water spring that has a great medicinal properties curing the worst skin diseases. People from all over India and foreigners visit this place to find the cure of a variety of skin ailments. Also one can drink the sulphur water which can cure a large number of stomach diseases too!


Sahastradhara Ropeway


You could enjoy the travel right up to the hill top with the rope way in Sahastradhara. You could find amazing discotheck, park and a temple at the top. Also you could enjoy the brilliant view of the entire Sahastradhara from the hill top.

Shiv Temple

Shiv Temple in Sahastradhara


The very popular Shiv temple can also be found here in Sahastradhara. One is really astonished at the architecture of the temple and how it was constructed just at the hill rock. Its an amazing experience to see the water dripping down the caves!

Joyland in Sahastradhara

Sahastradhara Joyland Picnic Spot Photos
Joyland Dehradun


To top up the fun one can find the exotic swings and water slides in the Joyland in Sahastradhara. The children would really love the slides down to the pool, the merry go round, the disco dance swing, the columbus and others!!


After a quick bath one really feels hungry. Do not worry as you could find a large number of restaurants with all the food facilities. You could find breakfast luch tea dinner and all you could name. But the best is the tea and pacodas along with chatni!




If you planning for a stay in Sahastradhara then have no worries. You could find a number of budget hotels to enjoy the visit to this natural place. The best one you could get here is the GMVN Tourist Bungalow here that is the government undertaking with the full facilities and the cheapest rates available.



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